Campaign Leadership Team

Laura Santamaria

Campaign Chair

Chris Mitchell

Campaign Co-chair

Tash Jesson

Church Engagement and Theology Director

Froi Legaspi

Community Organiser, Citizens UK

Campaign Advisory Team

  • Joanne Grenfell, Bishop of Stepney
  • Alison Tsang, Head of Compassionate Communities
  • Rosemia Brown, Vicar St St James Clapton
  • Graham Hunter, Vicar at St John’s Hoxton
  • Jerry During, Chief Executive Officer at Money A+E
  • Bethan Mitchell, Service Designer at Snook

Fair Energy Community Leaders


  • Oliver Kenny, St George in the East
  • Jessica Agboola, St John’s Hoxton
  • Esther Lie, Volunteering Engagement Officer, King’s College London
  • Abigail Oyedele, Kings 4 Change Events Officer, King’s College London


  • Renatha Hoga, St John’s Hoxton
  • Stuart Davidson, St Peter’s Harrow

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